Friday, 20 January 2012

Black Dynamite

[This was a Movie Bob recommendation.]

This cat is is one mean muther, and when his brother is taken out, then it his turn to lay the smack down on those jive turkeys! (Okay, I don't speak Jive.) With his brother dead, and drug dealers letting drugs loose on the streets, Black Dynamite goes into action to deal out justice, Black Dynamite style (which involves hitting them a lot, which might use his kung fu). And then he and his allies start tracking down who is dealing out the drugs and who is controlling them and who is controlling them and who...

Now, I haven't seen a lot of Blaxplotation films, but this pretty much hits all the spots I've come to learn is associated with them. This is a well done movie, although the plot in the last third goes off the rails a bit and it starts to wear a little. Still, it's very watchable.

There's a fair few names associated with this. Michael Jai White (voice of a Green Lantern!) is Black Dynamite. Salli Richardson-Whitfield is the main female lead, Gloria (and it took me a while to remember that she's in Eureka). Tucker Smallwood has a cameo role. Mike Starr phones it in. And, hey, Arsenio Hall!

BTW, this movie was made in 2009, and entirely takes the piss. Check it out! [OMG, just seen that there's an animated series coming out this year.]


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