Saturday, 18 February 2012

Chronic, Le

Another Superhero movie. And you know what, I'm going to jump to the end say: this was good. Now, I have been watching rubbish, and this isn't perfect, but damn it does some things really well.

So, some young adult get superpowers, namely telekinesis, and being young adults, are idiots. One in particular goes psycho, and there's a big fight. I really like the fight, but I was expecting there to be sudden shouting of "Kanada!" "Tetsuo!". On the way, there are some great character moments, and while watching them I realised I was enjoying these scenes. Thumbs up for that.

There is the conceit of cameras, and it seems to be that "this footage was filmed" more than found footage per se, although there is a potential excuse as to how it was eventually found. There were some moments when I doubted that the cameras were recording what we saw, but mostly they worked.

Dane DeHaan gives a good turn as Andrew, while Alex Russel and Michael B. Jordan don't quite have as well fleshed out characters to portray. The special effects are mostly subtle (and mostly things like wire removal), but don't think this is any kind of amateur film. When you watch the end fight scene, it's big guns all the way.

If you have any interest in this, check it out. At 90 minutes, it's a good length and well worth it.


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