Friday, 17 February 2012

Crime's Best Efforts

Another compilation I got a hold on (on sale, so a lot cheaper than you'll find at the moment) is Best Crime Comics. A collection of crime comics (no, really) from Dashiell Hammett, Will Eisner, Mickey Spillane, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman... I could list more. Paul Gavertt is the editor, so I suppose these are the best according to him at least.

Me... this is a compilation volume, so like any compilation, some work, some don't. I generally prefer crime when mixed with another genre, so I wasn't as overwhelmed (or simply whelmed) by them all as certain editors might hope. Some of this is to do with the comic presentation, a few pieces being newspaper comics that were collated and the like. In some cases, the story just failed to engage. In other cases, the story reads as bad to my eyes and sensibilities. (Eg Will Eisner's Spirit comic just came across as misogynist. Is that accurate, or is this is simply a poor choice?)

Some worked quite well, the opening beat poem by Alan Moore, the Ms. Tree story (why isn't this a series starring Lucy Lawless, the character looks exactly like her!), the 87th Precinct story (as a good example of the reliabilities of witnesses), "The Sewer" for a taste of horror... those are just the ones that spring to mind.

As someone who doesn't regularly read crime stories / comics, but have heard about this, this helps to get a sampler. But... I think I'm done with them. Unless someone says 'this is the best crime series ever' (and gives me a copy), I'm good for now.


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