Sunday, 26 February 2012

I've Been Watching...

As you have predicted, I've finished watching... Underworld! When I grabbed the Myths and Legends box to watch, I knew what Time Monster featured, I know what the other one had, but I forgotten what Underworld referred to. Which is impressive considering how subtle it is about it!

Sometimes I watch the story plain, sometimes I turn on the production notes. The production notes here demonstrate quite admirably (and frequently!) that this story is padded. And is it ever! Now, I can understand that the producer didn't want to cancel this story because of his career, but... maybe it could have been cut down to three episodes? It would have been very snappy! It's also overcast. Tell me, aside from the first episode, what's the point of Orfe and Tala? They just follow Jackson around, and don't contribute anything to the episodes.

To be honest, the CGI backgrounds aren't that bad. Certainly other shows are still doing it, and aside from a few clipping issues, it does help save sets. Surprised more stories didn't do this, but it does take a while to set up.

On the discs there is the talking heads bit, but the more interesting piece is the studio footage. And Tom swears a lot. It gives a nice raw behinds the scenes look at the process.

It's a middling story not overly remembered with fondness, but it's not terrible either.


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