Saturday, 25 February 2012

Psycho tikka

I knew this movie was bad, but it's so bad that IMDB doesn't even list it!

A druggie kid gets his hands on a freebie new drug and, at a drug party, kills himself. The others freak out, and decide to quit drugs... and to celebrate, go off to an isolated house and have one last drug party. At which they have more of this drug. Which slowly turns them all insane and killery. And the drug is some corporate new drug and the lead maker is killing off people who took it to cover up for some senator... What, you think this is a good movie?

I wouldn't even say this is a bad attempt at a 'drugs are bad' movie, but it's not even coherent enough for that. This movie is pretending to hard to be edgy, with sex, drugs and violence, but it's just so poorly done that you're too busy reacting to how awful the movie is to acknowledge any message it pretends to have. It's not even a 'big pharma' movie, because it hamfists that subplot (as much as the word 'plot' can be associated with this) as well.

One question: are we supposed to care about these druggies? Either they are out of their head on drugs, or whining about how the drugs are making them bad. You are not so much hoping for the main killer to kill them all as just for the movie to be over one way or another.

In case you haven't worked it out: don't watch this.


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