Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Comics reading

Read some comics collections recently. Let me tell you about them.

The People That Melt In The Rain. I helped Kickstart this! It's a wee tale about a girl and her mother who move to a town (some backstory is given in the text story afterwards), where it rains acid. And strange miniature creatures turn up. And people can be trapped in paintings. It's odd... so I like it. It's the first volume, so here's to more.

Other Worlds Trade Paperback: Maps and Legends. I helped Kickstart this too! A collection of horror style stories, usually there's a twist at the end. Some stories I liked, others... The author has another Kickstarter as well, but that isn't proving to be as popular (don't know why not, I love the idea!)

Doctor Who: Worlds In Collision: A collection from Series II of the comics, featuring Eleven Doc, Amy and Rory. The first story is football with vikings. Having read that other football story recently, it didn't feel that fresh. The other story is of mashing realities, with Sontarans, and that worked really well, tightly plotted and flowed well. The art was a bit simplistic in places considering how good it is generally.

Doctor Who: A Fairy Tale: An Eleven Doc and Amy story (so it would occur before the above one, but I read it second). A land of magic and dragons. And children being taken... there was something very familiar about the story, but I can't pick it (I've read so many DW stories). So-so, all round.

Pilot - Comic Anthology: I helped this Indie Go-Go! A collection of comics from Malta artists, with the comics in English (not perfectly, but far better than my Maltese!) Some of them read like a Part One of a series, so not sure if I'm supposed to wait for another volume? A wide range of styles, and (if I can get around to it) some I might Google for and follow.

I've got a dozen or so more projects I've helped out with, so lots more comics to come!



evildicemonkey said...

You seem to be Kickstarting a lot of projects, it this one worth backing?


Jamas Enright said...

I would but it won't take my money!