Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Vigil the Huntering

Robert and Jane investigate the police report we heard of three teens killed, and it turns out there was a fourth body. There were also occult signs about the place, the son of the woman who owns the place has gone missing, and the woman has no idea what's going on. Well... nothing much we can do there.

The rest of us check on the other vampire snack (aka young woman) that the vampire was feeding on. We think the vampire hasn't been in touch, but at least she's still alive. Then we go to meet Jamel Spurlock, a leader of the neighbourhood watch in an area of South Philadelphia that wouldn't rate being a nice neighbourhood. And yet, under Jamel, it appears quite under control. We talk to him, and he definitely knows about the weirdness, but his concern is his neighbourhood. We part on amicable terms, and might be able to call upon each other later.

That evening, we decide to keep an eye on the woman (Kiki), and find her at her work. Jane overtly hits on her, and gets a good reaction. Later they go clubbing at Vertigo (which has spirals!), then back to her place as Jane convinces her to try to trace down the vampire's number and get him to come around (so we can stab him up!). The vampire isn't interested, so while Jane stays to 'console' her, we head back to Vertigo where we've seen police cars heading.

Turns out the missing son is inside, killing a vampire. Huh. Everyone else has run away, and some (okay one) of us get inside to see the killing and distract him from beating on the cops. We chase, but he easily runs away.

Right. Yeah, no problems there then...


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