Thursday, 29 March 2012

DW: Cast of Doctor Who

I'm not sure if Orbit really is part of the title, but it certainly crops up in the listings for The Cast of Doctor Who. [Not sure why Amazon says this hasn't been released, I already got it from Book Depository...]

This is a graphic novel of the series. Moreover, of the leads of the series. Moreover, of the actors behind the leads of the series. Yes, this is a biography of the actors in comic form. I will say that the style is really spot on, possibly copied from actual photographs? Certainly photorealistic.

The biographies themselves... read more like cut and pastes from Wikipaedia. There's only a couple of pages, with recitations of major works they were in, and well known moments recounted. Nothing here to really spark new amazement and wonder.

But the kicker for this... read the blurb for this carefully. This graphic novel is just the biographies of William Hartnell, Tom Baker, Paul McGann and Matt Smith (with Matt not getting much more than a recap of his appearances to date). Also in the graphic novel form is an added Peter Cushing. But that's it. I'm not sure why Paul Salamof didn't include the other actors (we get a few panels of them), but for the nominal 'Cast of Doctor Who', this isn't much. Yes, it's cheap, but even so, I want more. (Perhaps he's planning more volumes??)

Unless you are a severe completist, easily pass this over.


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