Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Yes, I Twit Now

If you've been to my site, you've probably seen the Twitter box off to the right (because it shows up really garishly. I'll probably change the appearance at some point). Yes, despite my earlier post about social media, I went ahead and signed up for Twitter. [But not Facebook. Never Facebook. And not just because employers want it.]

So, what exciting tweets will be coming from me? Perhaps a dog I saw? My latest trip to the supermarket? Perhaps how long it took me to walk up a flight of stairs? Or maybe I'll just retweet something someone else said which won't make any sense to anyone who isn't also reading that person's feed and will have already seen it in that case...

No, none of that. Although I do want twitter signage so I can follow other people's activities, my activities (that I will be twittering) will be limited to the sort of things you already see: Ie, here's some project I'm giving money to, or some campaign I'm backing. Hardly a thrill ride a minute, but it gives you a chance to go where I went and also spend some money. And it gives me a chance to promote them without coming up with an entire post, or have just a one liner post on my blog.

And, hey, already got two followers! One an auto follow for me following them, the other an adult star... um, what?


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