Sunday, 4 March 2012


There is only one reason to watch this movie, and then only barely. Robert Englund.

A teen is witness to the murder of his girlfriend, by a dark entity. When questioned at the police station, the said dark entity (yes, played by Robert Englund, who is thoroughly type cast in his career) turns up and starts playing games with the police. And does so by killing them.

One problem is that the movie isn't clear on who is the hero. It could be Tom Caretti, played by Joey Fatone. But then after a while Gil Diamante, played by William Forsythe, turns up. Gil encountered Inkubus before and this is a continuation of that... and what exactly the backstory is isn't entirely clear. Or perhaps it was, but the movie was sending me to sleep, so I could have missed it. Either way, the movie is a mess and is only saved by the performances. Robert Englund's in particular.

But unless you really want to see their acting, you don't want to see this movie.


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