Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sound It Out

Documentary time, this one about the last vinyl record shop in Teaside, North East of England, Sound It Out.

It's a bit of an odd documentary, more of a 'here's what I videod' rather than 'here's the story of this shop'. A slice of life style, where the filmmaker tapes Tom and David as they run the shop. We also get to see various bits of the people who come to the store, and their passion of music. [I was reminded of Cinemania a bit that way.] There's some narrative about how this is the last store, and the recession is causing it problems... but that's only a small part. There isn't an overall story, just bits and pieces.

(I also note this is partially funded by IndieGoGo. Crowd-sourcing is proving to be a popular way to bring projects to fruition.)

It's a straight forward enough documentary, interesting, but could be more structured.


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