Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I've Been Watching...

Here we are at it: The Horns of Nimon. This story had a resonance with the Doctor Who Wellington Club. For a while, things were done in "The Name of the Second Skonnian Empire!" And frequent calls for "Here Nimon!" [Although, having watched it, no-one ever says 'here Nimon', but there is 'Lord Nimon!'] Odd... not sure why it caught on (it was going on when I joined), but there you go.

The story is rather straight forward, and once the people get to Skonnos, it pretty much plays out in real time. (It seems to, anyway.) Anthony Read did a nice job on twisting some of the classic Minotaur beats around. One down note is that despite several of the episodes running to full, and even over, length, there's are very long recaps.

Graham Crowden, of course, draws lots of attention, for many reasons. Have to wonder if Jonathon Pryce ever saw this, as his style of over-acting owes a lot to this. And it's easy to believe that Simon Gipps-Kent was considered for Adric (and Janet Ellis could easily have been Nyssa!).

The disc contains an interesting look at Doctor Who and Blue Peter (can someone tell me where part 2 is?), as well as a brief talking head piece about Horns. (I don't think they had enough extra to really justify two extra menus though.)

For the unintentional season ender, we get a strong Romana story. There should have been more.



Morgan said...


I don't know the origins of the Nimon enthusiasm either. Wasn't me, guvnor!

evildicemonkey said...


It's apparently on the 2010 DVD release of the movie.

You get to watch Paul McGann again you lucky person!

Jamas Enright said...

Hi Morgue! I would expect Jess to know. Never asked her about it.

Hi Evil! I do have the Revisitations box sets to watch at some point, so I will indeed.