Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Vigil the Huntering

So Maxine Gordan's life, or rather death, took a strange turn. After having been executed (while we were out failing to take care of a vampire), she was buried the next day (that was quick!), only it turns out there was a sacrificed dog on the grounds, meaning they weren't hallow. Um. And then the next night, the body was dug up and taken (assuming there was a body in the coffin to start with!!!). Robert got to talk to the police officer in charge, but he wasn't that much help. Something is going on, but I don't think we're seeing enough of the picture to really take it in.

In other news, it seems the woman who was being seen by the vampire we failed to kill is getting better as the vampire has broken up with her. (Well, it's only been a few days, so we can't say for sure.) Now, if we bothered to check up on girlfriend number two we might actually be able to make sure that was going somewhere useful. The blood/mist I captured last time was examined by Jack Cottage, but nothing immediately leaped out as unusual, although he needs to access a proper lab to really analyse it. [Interestingly, while out clubbing Jane bumped into someone who wanted to get in touch with someone that answered Jack's description, although he used another name. Odd.]

Meantime, I had another drinking night with my buddies. They hadn't heard of the 318 either. I would get Robert to help me, but he's busy with Maxine's case. I have been keeping my ears on the police scanner. Over the days, I heard about the church, some prank calls, and, just happened, three dead teenagers. What the...?

[Yeah. If we are getting somewhere, we are getting there very, very slowly...]


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