Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lock? What lock?

I was watching Lockpicking for the New Millennium... and you know what? Locks are a waste of time.

Now, fine, he's a master locksmith, and has tons of practice, but he blows throw locks in about ten seconds on average. Even more so, he makes it look simple, and it is fairly straight forward, that even I think I could open locks in seconds too!

Which makes me tempted to try to get some lockpicks. Which is totally doable. There are plenty of places overseas that will sell them and ship them to me. And, they aren't illegal to have in New Zealand.

They are illegal to carry around with intent to break in somewhere. So don't do that.

But, yeah, locks won't stop anyone competent. Hell, door chains and those hotel door lock things aren't a problem either. There was only one or two things that the guy said can't be lock picked! But not anything we deal with on a day to day basis...

Know all this... and sleep well!


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