Thursday, 1 March 2012

Revenge of the Electric Car

Hey, isn't it great how everyone is driving electric cars? Especially after they were killed off.

The Revenge of the Electric Car gives us the triumphal return. How little and big companies revived the idea to great success, and now everyone in the world has one... oh wait. A few errors in that sentence. Big and small companies did try to revive the car, but couldn't get them to production in any respectable time. The end of the movie (yes, spoilers!) portrays them as a success in some caption moments, but the whole of the movie is about how they were floundering. I'm not sure why this is revenge, it's not like the electric car got its way, more like it took them down with it.

Frankly, as much as I would like to have an electric car, the power is the problem. Despite many claims that they are brilliant, the batteries just don't have a life worth a damn, and recharging takes forever. And we don't have recharge stations all over the place either. It's going to take a major infrastructure change, and that hasn't happened.

This movie is more like "the continual death of the electric car". If it's come back, we don't know it.