Friday, 2 March 2012

Underwater Afakening

The things I put up with. The latest 'Kate Beckinsale in skin tight lyrca' movie, for example. Because, let's face it, that's the reason this movie was made. It certainly wasn't for the effects. In an early car chase, I was watching the scene thinking 'that car is swerving, clearly pretending there's a werewolf on it, and there's the werewolf CGI badly pasted on top of the plate'. And later on 'oh look, a very fake and unconvincing rear projection car scene'.

Anyway, humans have found out about the vampires and werewolves (Finally!!!), and so ten years later Selene has a daughter (they never explain where the daughter comes from, created or natural born?), and so needs to beat up on everyone to protect her. Because never forget this is an action movie so aside from one scene were they talk about how much ass needs beating, the rest of the movie is beating ass. Which Kate does a lot with semi-automatic pistols. But...

The heart isn't in this. The movies have never been the best literature ever told, but the entire film is phoning it in. The plot is less than thin, there's no explanation for anything major that the humans do, and, as mentioned, I've seen amateur films with better effects.

Watch it for the mindless action, but remain mindless when thinking about it on any level.


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