Saturday, 10 March 2012

Whizzy Whiz Kids

Remember this?

Yeah, I did. Watched that back in the... whenever it screened over here. Those were the days of computers, huh? When every password could be bypassed by using Kilroy, when every computer could be called up and connected with over the phone, when getting information was simpler and more comprehensive than we can do today!

Not to mention, the kids, especially Richie the computer geek lead, had active social and outdoor lives, playing soccer, riding bikes, skin that wasn't pure no-light white...

And when the leading man could be a long haired, slightly balding man with a droopy mustache (looking at his career, I'm guessing Barney Miller was the reason he got the gig). And A Martinez was in a show as a cop way before Profiler! And as for the kids... at least two of them went on to successful acting careers.

Ah, classic shows. My favourite is Amen to Amen-Ra. The weird symbols flowing over everything, most of the actors get to do something different. It's a fun show. "The Veil of Darkness Has Been lifted. I am. You are. We are together."

And it only lasted 18 episodes. Shame.


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