Friday, 9 March 2012

Five Days in September

Bit of an odd film, this: Five Days In September. It's about the Toronto Orchestra having a particularly busy week in September 2005 as they start their season and try to get back on their feet with new conductor Peter Oundjian.

You could make a decent documentary out of just one day. In this case, we have five, so the movie can talk with soloists Emanuel Ax, Renee Fleming and Yo-Yo Ma. We see them as the Orchestra is trying for funding, as they perform their rehearsals, as Peter goes from place to place giving interviews.

And yet... as it is just bits and pieces, it's hard to get a decent narrative going. I'm not sure what this movie was trying to convey. Love of music? Hard time to be an Orchestra? Behold the brilliance of Peter Oundjian? I didn't watch it in one sitting, so might have missed something, but there did seem to be a lack of a true cohesive through line. And I didn't get the real sense of passion that films like Cinemania and Pianomania convey.

The director/producer thought there was something here, a story to tell. I'm just not sure what it was.


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