Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So, the new game by Amanita Design, yay!

First, the annoying: they released the game through Good Old Games, and I preordered it. And then, on the day of release, it was also released via Humble Bumble, where you can pay what you want, and get the previous two games Machinarium and Samorost 2 (if you played the demo of the latter, you've played half the game!). Pay what you want... that irks... GOG came to the party with a few extras (for example giving us the games Machinarium and The Witcher... which I already got...).

Never the less, onto the game. It's classic (for them) point and click style, with some lovely animations, and some really challenging puzzles. There are some moments that bring a smile to the face, and they've also got some moments that make you wonder just what is going to happen next. (And they've even snuck in references to Machinarium and Samorost).

Not to say it's all perfect. I played for about three... four... five hours. Had to look a few things up as some things didn't quite work as I was expecting. And a few puzzles I have no idea what I did to solve it, I just clicked a lot and it eventually worked... And the last set of puzzles resolves a few times to 'click quickly', not so much puzzle as reflexes.

Still, a great game. Get it on the cheap (with the other games) while you can.


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