Monday, 23 April 2012

The Dead Pool

Now this is a far better movie! And not just because Jim Carrey dies! It doesn't try for deep, it just goes for getting on with the action, and it works better than the previous two movies. And the humour is appreciated too! That said, I will ding it for having the token Asian guy know martial-fu... but the actor knew it, and I'm sure the director was happy to have that in his movie.

And finally, after four movies of being in San Francisco, they finally race cars over *that* street! And what a car chase, eh? About as believe as (insert witty comment here disparaging some famous celebrity for something they did that no-one believes they actually can do). But... what the hell! It's fun, and so I'll give it a pass.

And, of course, Liam Neeson is in this. Already showing here (his first American film) his fine acting chops. Also keep an eye out for Marc Alaimo. And although this kicked off the career of Patricia Clarkson, I can't say I've ever seen her in anything else...

Let's skip the previous two, and say this is the third, and last, Dirty Harry movie to watch.


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