Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Dimmist Hour

Completely coincidentally with it being Earth Hour (yeah, that was highly advertised on the webs), I caught a movie about a time period of nonlight.

The plot: in an effort to make a cheap movie, four young men and women are in Moscow when an invasion happens in which the enemies are invisible. And they spend the movie running away from the creatures they can't see. More or less, they fairly quickly find some bullshit they can use to detect the creatures, and a 'last ditch' idea to hurt them, courtesy of one of the diverse number of characters (in the sense of 'oh, he's a character') they meet on the way. Fortunately, it turns out the aliens are afraid of water so... no, wait, that was another movie...

Anyway, don't think invisible enemies mean they really did save money, which they probably did with filming location. Instead there's a lot of CGI in pretty much every shot, especially with the people disintegration. And it says a lot about the movie (or maybe just me) that I cheered when the various lead characters met their untimely (as in, it would have been more timely if it happened earlier) end. I was surprised by some of them, as clearly the movie didn't agree with who I thought the main lead was...

For what it is, it isn't a bad movie, just doesn't stand out, despite the novel enemy design.


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