Monday, 2 April 2012

Blue Penguin Score!

I've been to the zoo a few times, over the past few months, but I haven't ever seen anything in the pit near the entrance. There're otters, warthogs... and a sign saying the pit is supposed to contain Blue Penguins. But... nothing!

Until yesterday! Finally, I've seen some Blue Penguins. And now you can see them too! (Depending on how well the mic picked things up, you might also hear Madonna... just be glad you couldn't smell the pit, because it stank bad.)

You can also check out my latest batch of photos, including a great shot of a Red Panda.


1 comment:

Jet Simian said...

This is like my experience with Otters at the zoo (yeah yeah, I know). on the other hand, you have to kick a path through little blue penguins to cross the road in Oamaru (I jest I jest - it's hoiho).

Little Blues nest under The Penguin Club back home. Cute. A little bit noisy. Kind of smelly. They fit in well.