Wednesday, 18 April 2012

DVD extras

When it comes to DVDs more is better (although this is what Joss was complaining about [although he says that the old classical stories weren't explained, how do we know that? Homer might well have read bits out, then revealed it all. And considering there are a number of authors who complain that unless you get their exact meaning, you are wrong. Personal interpretation can take a running jump...]).

Anyway, yes, I like extras, especially commentaries. [And going back to Heart Broken, I suspect a major problem is that people are... acquiring the episodes for keeping via other means, therefore without extras on the DVDs, they wouldn't buy them. Yep, another 'win' for piracy.]

Anyway, again, I have quite a few stacks of DVDs to watch, and I slowly am working my want through them. I am now getting new DVDs at a far slower rate (aside from Doctor Who, I'm now quite picky about getting a DVD, although cheapness will tempt me). Still, I have enough to last me for a few months, and that's not to consider the DVDs I want to rewatch.

And yet... despite having these DVDs because of the extras... and possibly because I have so many to watch now... I don't have the patience to actually watch the extras any more. If it doesn't have subtitles, I have to be really interested to sit through it at normal speed. And just recently I was running a rule with the commentaries of 'if they go for five generous seconds without saying anything, skip to the next chapter', which did allow me to get through commentaries for hour and a half movies in one thirty minute session...

So, on one hand, I can deal with DVDs quicker, and on the other... there's not much point having the DVD...


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