Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Spoilers in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods is a great movie by all accounts. At least, by all accounts, which don't actually talk about the movie. It seems that this is one of those movies that you need to go see cold, as there are so many changes going on that to know something about the film is to spoil it.

So, great, I want to see this movie... however, there's no sign of it coming out over here any time soon. Indeed, Australia is listed as July, so I can't imagine we'll be any sooner. Which leads to a problem, especially for peoples like us on the internet. Peoples who are not American.

Americans will go see this movie, and while they are cagy about it now, odds are after, say a month or so, they'll be less so, and talking about it on the webpages (OverthinkingIt will probably do several pieces on it, LawandtheMultiverse might have something to say about the legality of it). And so the rest of us who haven't seen it will have it all over the place before we can.

And normally, fine, whatever. Either I don't care about the movie, or it's not that important to remain spoiler free. Most movies are some flavour of 'good guys win', with how being largely dictated by genre. But this movie, we are told, crosses genres! Damn you Joss Whedon!

So what I'm really complaining about is... why three months or more?? Why is this thing not being shipped out straight away??? Why is it likely I'll be able to get it on BluRay from America before I watch in the theatres here????

And this is why we have movie piracy...


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