Friday, 20 April 2012

Magnum Force

In many ways, this is just as classic as the first one! You can see why the traffic cops thought that Harry would join them, they are doing exactly what he did in the first movie (ignoring the law to take down the bad guys), so why wouldn't he side with them? Well, he does agree with them, but also brings up a point that isn't really explored, and I would have liked it to: namely, where's the line? As the cops say 'we start with the obvious bad guys so that people will understand what we do', but then Harry counters 'soon you'll shoot someone because their dog pooped on the lawn' (paraphrasing from memory here). This is the problem with totalitarian states that the cops were heading towards... but we don't find out what the big game plan was. All the bad apples are dealt with before we can hear the full ideas. Yes, the ideas were probably crazy and/or limiting and generous only to the few in power (who would naturally become corrupt if they didn't start that way), but we will never know.

On the other hand, lots of sequences of fights and would be car chases, and when you see Harry coming to the conclusion that cops are to blame, it's not a pleasant time for him. The moment in the gun competition is just a perfect summation of what the rest of the movie will be, Harry will make sure he does what needs to be done, even if others don't necessarily agree with him (which again is like the cops in many ways). And the bomb in the mail box sequence is hilarious.

I'm talking about these movies now, because I got the set, and had only ever seen the first two. Loved them both, so now there are three new ones to enjoy!


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