Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Enforcer

Clint Eastwood has said that now he's done him versus external threat (Scorpio) and him versus internal threat (dirty cops), he's done it all. But the money machine was still there to crank out more Dirty Harry movies, and so we get this one. It's not a bad movie... but it's simply not a good movie either. Just average...

No, wait, I lie. There are two fabulous things in this movie: Tyne Daly and Albert Popwell. Certainly the bad guys are a bunch of nothings, and the good guys aren't much better. But Tyne Daly as wannabe inspector is great, and there are some much needed humourous moments injected courtesy of her character. And Mustapha could have been one dimensional with Albert Popwell's performance.

But, yeah, what was the point of the rest of the movie again? Bunch of yahoos decide to do stupid things (that they get killed off whenever they attempt something shows how stupid they are), then end up at Alcatraz with the waste of a mayor. Nice to know that the shooting of all moments were real, the water boat was there, and the stunt man was hit with the water, good stuff. But the plot reasons for it all? Pointless waste of time. And of course the rocket launcher was going to be used, as expected by Chekhov.

If this movie hadn't happened, just think how much better the Dirty Harry franchise would be?


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