Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Not all the Rages

But at least some.

What's up with my laptop? I was merely browsing while watching a DVD and downloading a file... and my laptop shuts down for over heating!? What? In April? It wasn't that warm a day! And this isn't the first time, in fact it's pretty common! WHY? Why is my laptop such a fail? I have a cooling pad for it... although it doesn't fit properly because I have a decent size laptop so I don't have to squint but of course they don't make cooling pads that's large... I have to use a piece of wood to prop it up so it can cool down while running! That's stupid!

What's up with my desktop? When I shut down, it boots up again because something in the bios broke! I have no idea what, and no, don't say I have the network plugged in, because I tried that. When I look at the last shut down option the computer is supposed to know about, it knows nothing! I have to wait for it to shut down then actually switch it off at the back to keep it off! That's stupid! And, for some reason, Firefox acts weird too. About a minute after starting it, it gives up on loading anything from the internet, and I have to restart that and hope it works! That's stupid!

Technology fail!!! [And Blogger fail too!]



Bert Isla said...

Was your laptop plugged into the power or on battery power? This might seem odd, but I have seen it happen before: Check your wall current, make sure you don't have dirty power. If you have a UPS system, that will not necessarily protect you unless it's a 'pure sine wave' type.

Jamas Enright said...

Yeah, wall power. ... hmm... right... so... check my wall current... hmm...

Bert Isla said...

I'm not sure about your neck of the woods, but in the U.S, you can buy a cheap plug in at your local big box home improvement store that tells you if your power is properly polarized, wired correctly, grounded and if the current is high, low or fluctuating.