Friday, 27 April 2012

The Terrible Experiment

While definitely an amateur level movie, I will give that this is at the high end of said movies, with some actual decent production behind it. But not so much in front of it.

The idea:  a soldier somehow manages to find out about some secret experiment going on, and manages to get some high level access to that experiment, and uses it to infect the building it's housed in. The experiment is a gas that... well, basically turns people into The Infected. And then there are the requisite group of survivors that are trying to get out of the building. Yes, it's a zombie movie. Hooray... sigh. And the survivors are as exciting a bunch of nobodies to grace the screen.

And yet, as I said, the production is good. There are some decent effects that a more than just bad CGI overlaid onto the screen (although there is that too), and the infected make up is well done. The movie ranges over a few locations, instead of just one level of the building masquerading as everything (although going up and down the stairwell gets more use than the floor numbering would suggest). And helicopter sequence nearly succeeds at not going over the top (...nearly...).

But the problem is the people. The main group are no-one interesting, and the cops outside are all generic, and there are even kids to care about. And then the big end... just dribbles everything away, spoilers: no big mass zombie run. What? What's the point of not having that? Big let down by no big build up.

So, this could have been something good, and does rise above others. If we must have bad movies, there is a lot worse than this.


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