Thursday, 26 April 2012

Twitter Observation

So been with Twitter for a little while now, but there are some trends already emerging.

The majority of the people I follow like to tweet about... no, wait. Actually the majority of the people I follow don't tweet that much, so that's fine. I can deal with low content tweeters.

Of those that do tweet a lot, about half the time it is 'here's this neat thing I came across' or 'here's an amusing comment' style of thing. That's about what I expect, so that's all right too. That seems to be what you would get when you only have 140 characters in this social spreading machine.

However, the rest of the time... I follow a few celebrities (where 'celebrities' has a very low criteria of 'actor who appeared in some niche things' or 'is known for some very specific thing'), and they like to tweet about 'here's this thing I'm involved with'. Which is fine... the first time. But then you get the 'hey, this person is doing this thing' retweet. And then they tweet again because we might have missed it the first time. And if they are involved with some company, either the company or other buddies tweet, and then there's more retweeting...

Is that what Twitter is? Spam in 140 characters or less? Or more, considering all the urls get shortened nowadays so you can fit more descriptional spam in. Fine, they still need to make money, and want to point people at stuff they are doing so they can get the monies or publicity or whathaveyou... but so much? I'm still wanting to follow them, because their non-spam stuff is interesting enough, but... I'm having a low threshold of tolerance and it gets pinged often.

All we need is cats and porn for Twitter to be the internet in miniature...


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