Saturday, 19 May 2012

Call It a Balance in the Unbalance

And continuing people of note, we have Miguel Adrover, fashion genius, who does things that, well, let's Call It a Balance in the Unbalance. As far as I can tell, he takes existing fabrics and turns them into different clothes, but came up with a few (accidentally) controversial items and now his career isn't what it was.

I say 'as far as I can tell', as I wasn't sure when some of the scenes occurred. Context is absent, and I had the impression that there was a lot of story to do with Adrover that the documentary expected the audience to know. Certainly I had no idea, but the movie wasn't telling me. Perhaps the director was too close to the topic to realise?

Decent enough, but could be more complete to get the point of a lot of what happened, what it meant, and what went wrong...


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