Sunday, 20 May 2012

ZOMGie Dice!

While I don't like Zombies, nor computer games fighting zombies (mostly), I do like a game where you are the Zombie. As in playing Zombie Dice! The rules are pretty easy (it is meant to be a pick up game), but you can also watch the video below to see people playing it).

The fun part is... there's an app for that! Now, the app is just you versus a computer zombie (with various amusing names), which is a fun quick game when you have a minute to spare. The computer wins more than I do, and I do wonder if there is some help there... but, eh, it's all fun, so fine.

There is a paid version, for a whole NZ$1.29, which lets you have eight players, a combination of computer and real players, which I grabbed because I want to support the app, and if I find some friends, we can have a game together.

Anyway, fun, as I said, so get the free version at least, and lose time to Zombie Dice!

(Note: not a paid commercial... unfortunately...)

(They also did Ticket to Ride, and there's an app for that, it is looks like it was broken with an update, so never mind.)

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