Saturday, 26 May 2012

Carte Blanche

How do you deal with the guy that lets people have Carte Blanche?

Back in late 2002, Jean-Pierre Bemba had control of the MLC (Movement for the Liberation of Congo). During that time and after, the MLC moved across Congo, raping, murdering and pillaging. This movie shows the consequences of that, in the form of witness testimony and showing how people are still living today after surviving that.

And of the people trying to bring a form of justice. The film covers the court hearing that would lead to a trial, but as we get to the end of the movie before we hear the outcome, you can guess how well that went. [Actually, it did eventually end up in a trial, and Bemba is currently on trial.] The problem is: can you prove the guy at the top is responsible for how those below him choose to carry out those orders? It ain't easy.

This, by the nature of who they are talking to, is a more emotive film than pure documentary. Since this isn't seemly to be used to bring Bemba to justice, maybe a film about the trial itself might be in order?

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