Saturday, 26 May 2012

2 Portal 2

So spent the entire day (more or less) yesterday playing Portal 2. And not by myself! Yes, at last, I managed to co-op with someone! I far prefer co-op to PVP, and the chap I played with is a great guy, so it was a fun experience.

Having already seen others play it a long time ago, I did recall some of the rooms, so I let the other guy (no, I'm not going to name him, as I didn't ask if I could) take the lead. That said, some points I do recall taking ages to work out, so was willing to drop big hints after not too long. That further said, I didn't remember everything, so was discovering it again, and some of those maps are very hard indeed! (And it's been a while since I did any Portalling...)

While there was the challenge of the game itself, there was also the challenge of the meta-game, namely achievements. There were a few that we spent time making sure we got, even when it had nothing to do with the level we were dealing with. An annoying one dealt needed luck, but we eventually got there for both of us. And another one we straight up looked up where to go for it, it wasn't worth the effort of making sure we checked every single level... However, I am very impressive concerning one with a cube. I didn't think we'd get it at all, and then first time, bam! We got it! Huzzah! (Well done to the other guy for working it all out.)

However, we also used the in-Steam chat facility. Which caused major hiccups on the computers when trying to connect to each other while loading the game, and then we couldn't talk to each other during loading screens. That was irritating. And has anyone brought an in-game hat? The only ones we used are the free ones. (Nice looking hat though.)

So, yes, co-op'ing is fun, and I look forward to more of it!


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