Friday, 18 May 2012

Colours Curling Dog

First session for me, three movies. It started late, so that was an issue (similar to last year)...

The Colours Duet:  A look at two different artists who approach art and inspiration from two different directions. Mildly interesting.

Gone Curling: Down in Central Otago, the town of Naseby is home to curling. Particularly outdoor curling. Which, with global warming, is becoming a problem with not enough ice forming. Old men like their curling, but for how much longer?

River Dog: A very interesting look at the impact of cattle grazing on a river and one man's fight to try to keep the river clean. Definitely not an easy task, and one not helped by the Greater Wellington Regional Council not doing a damn thing. Until this film forces them to... produce a pamphlet!

After the session, the directors of the last two films showed up for some Q&A. Nice! But it did go on so the next session was very tight for timing...

(This was the only trailer I found on youtube)


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