Friday, 18 May 2012

It's back again... again!

Yes, it's time for the Documentary Edge Festival! And, as such, here are the movies I'm interested in. (Some of the others playing I would have seen had I not already have seen it.)

Disappear in Light A backstage look at a interesting person trying to get a play together.
Bad Weather I'm not sure if this is a 'look at this culture' film or a 'look at climate change' film. Will see.
Forerunners Can a modern person be traditional?
The Hungry Tide A story of a subculture facing extinction.
The Interrupters Trying to bring peace to an urban environment.
Five Star Existence Too much technology?
Four Horsemen Has the global culture changed everything?
Work Hard, Play Hard For some reason, I like architecture films.
Carte Blanche Can we fight against inhumanity?
Dancing With Dictators Inside look at a first time democratic election.
Who Killed Chea Vichea Who did kill him?
The Man Who Changed Shanghai For some reason, I like architecture films.
Call it a Balance in the Unbalance A look at a crazy genius.
Incessant Visions For some reason, I like architecture films.
Kumare A skeptical comedic look at Indian gurus.
Andrew Bird: Fever Year A backstage look at a genius at work.
NY in Motion A different sort of architecture film.
The Colours Duet / Gone Curling / River Dog A triple set of interesting looking movies (shown as one block).

As ever, blogging everything I do get to see. Each movie is $15, regardless of length, but there is a card to allow for the fifth movie at $5 off, and the tenth one free... feel the love!


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