Thursday, 3 May 2012

DW: Shada

This is the fourth (I think) adaptation of Shada, and it's the most Gareth Roberts adaptation of them all! There are definite moments when he is channeling Douglas Adams, and there are more than a few overt references to DNA's work, but a lot of it is Gareth.

The basic plot involves Professor Chronotis calling the Doctor to Earth because he (Chronotis) has a dangerous Gallifreyian artifact. However, Skagra (with full, sensual lips) is also looking for the artifact for his own nefarious schemes that will change the nature of the universe... Of course, Gareth follows the basic plot line of the story, but throws in quite a few scenes we haven't seen before, mostly made up by him. In most cases these extra scenes work well, however the ending involves wrap up that would never have been so pat in the actual series.

To be honest, some moments are trying to hard to replicate DNA. Gareth established his own style of writing the Fourth Doctor (which is why, I presume, he was the one tasked to do this), so when Gareth goes full Douglas it sticks out. On the other hand, it flows well when Gareth is writing his normal way, so it's a shame there are clunker segments in the story. While it's nice to pay homage, there is a consistency note.

Hopefully now, this will wrap up the Shada merchandising... at least until the Special Edition DVD comes out...


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