Friday, 4 May 2012


I'm watching Futurama, and came across their version of this song. Remember it?

Yeah. I think I first came across this when swapping mp3s with a friend years upon years ago. (And I mean so long ago, the best way to get any decent sized media storage was to actually take your 200MB hard drive over and plug it into their computer - yeah, I did that to!) Anyway, I think I got part of it then, and it's a hell of a song, instantly catching, so wanted to hear the rest of it. And this was before the whole internet to easily browse on (or even difficultally browse on). Let alone download something over the ol' 300 baud modem...

However, there is something haunting about this song. In many ways, it's a science fiction novel in three minutes. Certainly it evokes various works by Clarke and Asimov. The imagery just sparks with only a few words.

And there aren't many songs that can do that... but can you suggest any?


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