Thursday, 24 May 2012

Five Star Existence

Living with technology, we are living a Five Star Existence. Which a good thing? Bad thing?

The film is basically interviews with people who only have one name and they deliver dialogue over cinematic shots. I'm not sure if I was too distracted by the cinematography (certainly it didn't feel like 90 minutes), but I think I missed the point.

A lot of the people are talking about how disjoint we've become because of technology, how dependent we are, how negative it is, and yet how pervasive and necessary it is. And then some people are presented whereby if it wasn't for technology, they wouldn't have a lifestyle of normal existence, let alone five star. So... the point is? We should switch off? But then we wouldn't be able to have this film telling us about it.

While not reaching didactism, I would appreciate a little more clarity on what this film is trying to say.


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