Friday, 25 May 2012


Fox animated movies are generally at the lower end of the scale... and this movie is definitely at the lower end of that! (Although I have never seen Shark Tales, which I suspect is the lowest.)

The exciting story involves a bird being birdnapped and brought up in the city, is then taken out to a more rural environment and has to win the heart of the girl... which is just like any other 'out of fish' story! Bob makes the point that formula isn't bad, it gives the chance for the movie to focus on something else, eg characters. However, I can't say that they tried that hard with the characters either. The big schtick is that the bird needs to accept his roots... I mean, learn how to fly, yeah, that's it... And it's about as exciting as you'd think.

Fox always makes a deal about the stars it gets, and here we have Jesse Eisenberg (who does a good job, although sounds a lot like NPH at times... ironic as that's who he is replacing!), Anne Hatheway, Leslie Mann, George Lopez, Jamie Foxx,, Jeremy Clements... okay, not as big as some, but still you hear the voices as the actors more than experience the characters.

A nothing special movie that is alright if you must watch an animated movie, but there are far better ones out there.


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