Saturday, 5 May 2012

Holy F-ing Circus

This is a dramatisation (or comedisation?) of the events the Pythons faced having recently completed Life of Brian. It involves casting people to look and sound exactly like the Pythons, and act out scenes that parallel moments from the film or other Pythonic moments.

The film does focus on Michael Palin as the main Python to follow, with John Cleese in second place. Terry G doesn't really fair well, Graham Chapman is fairly generic Graham, and Terry J is more Palin's wife than Terry J. It is rather odd seeing them via different actors, as there is definite moments of dissonance when they do replicate the roles accurately, and yet something is always sitting not quite right.

The main event the movie builds up to is the 'debate' John and Michael have on the Friday Night, Saturday Morning show. I haven't seen the actual interview, but I thought they fared better than presented here, although the outcome is probably right. Which pretty much applies to most of the scenes: not exactly as written, but close enough.

It's a decent enough take, but it does come more from 'let's do a love letter to Python' than 'let's tell this particular story'.



evildicemonkey said...

Should you have not seen the original documentary the link above would set that to rights

Jamas Enright said...

I've seen clips in The Lawyers Cut, but not the whole thing. Ta!