Sunday, 13 May 2012

I Rate This 4

Was this based on a book or something? It's a generic movie of a school teen with powers, and in this case is an alien, who is hunted down by other aliens.

Not only is the basic idea generic, but you can see what's coming after the first 30 minutes. As in no character proved to have a surprise twist, everyone was what you thought they were, and at no point did anything interesting happen in the plot that distinguishs this from any other movie. Which is why I'm wondering if this is from some popular book, because the movie is a boring hack job as it is.

Cast wise, we get two pretty blond women, a bunch of good looking young guys, and Timothy Olyphant. None of them really stand out, because the writing wasn't anything to speak about, and none of the actors tried to do anything within what they were given. Perhaps the director decided to phone it in?

I have no idea if we'll see Number Five (I presume that'll be the sequel), no sign of it that I am aware of, but we can hope it won't happen. Only see this if you've run out of better movies to watch.



evildicemonkey said...

I was mildly interested in this film so I tracked down the book series it was based on... I stopped reading midway through book 2. Had I been able to see the "two pretty blond women" I might have finished the book but I doubt it.

It's a poorly hidden coming-of-age drama, where the youngsters must 'man up', it's not really meant to appeal to us.

Jamas Enright said...

I can still enjoy a good coming of age story. This was not a good coming of age story. It was just not a good story period.

(Although I admit there some movies I'm not interested in because it's yet another take on the 'awkward high school teenager approaching graduation/manhood' trope...)