Saturday, 12 May 2012

Holy Batman Terror!

You've probably heard about it already, so I'm not going to go into details. Basically Frank Miller wrote a Batman vs al-Qeada comic, DC said no, so he find&replace'd the hero names and published it Holy Terror.

Basically, Catwoman and Batman... I mean two character that aren't Catwoman and Batman are boning each other when a suicide bomber goes off, then others do. In retaliation not-Batman hunts a bomber down, tortures him, then kills everyone else. Nope, not exaggerating. Obviously Batman wouldn't normally have killed people, but this is Miller's anti-terrorist piece, and there are reasons DC stepped away...

But what I'm not sure about is if this is a Poe or not... Just how serious is Miller? Fine, he might be anti-terrorist, but is he so single-minded that he only sees them as one-dimensional people that should be slaughtered? Or is he wryly trying to decry such tactics? It might be clear to some, but not to me as I read it.

I'm sure Miller will continue to be seen as brilliant, but this could be the start of him Dave Sim'ing...


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