Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Yeah, I went to see the latest Will Smith movie. I admit it. I didn't pay for the ticket, and I saw it in 3D.

So Will Smith is like "Damn!" and Tommy Lee Jones is Old and... yeah, this is like the other movies. Only now, Will Smith goes back in time so they can do a lot of jokes about a black man in older New York (although they only end up doing the one). And someone else can play K who can do more stunts that Tommy Lee can. And Tim Curry is in it, as played by Jemaine Clement. Also K seems to have given up his old love from the first movie to have a new romance, because everyone wants that...

Yeah, this movie is like the other ones. Will flails around while his partner (either Tommy Lee Jones or now Josh Brolin (doing a great young Tommy Lee Jones)) plays the straight man. A lot of 'these people are aliens' jokes and call backs to previous movies (no Tony Shaloub however).

Amusing, and pointlessly 3D (like most 3D is). Still, a fun way to while away the time.


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