Monday, 28 May 2012

Driven Angry

Wanna see a bad ass movie? No? How about a wanna be bad ass movie that actually cartoonish? Okay then! [IMDB doesn't say this is based on anything, so I'm wondering if this is a take on Ghost Rider.]

So Nick Cage is on the trail of a cult that took his daughter's son, and hook up with token woman Piper (Amber Heard) to do so. And there's lots of driving, some of which is done while being angry. And... yeah. There are some 'revelations', which I'm not sure are supposed to be surprising or not (it's hard to think they would be), that don't really add anything except for allowing for a few scenes of being more 'bad ass'.

And you can tell it is 'bad ass' because it's synonymous with 'degrading to women'. The filmmakers will probably say 'we have Amber being kick ass, so that absolves us of everything else we do', but it doesn't. Expect a lot of nudity and smacking around of women. (There is also some smacking around of men, but far less, and hardly any male nudity.)

Nick Cage is being grunge, Amber Heard is there to be the kick ass excuse for women degradation, and William Fichtner is there to get the best moments (is it just me, or does he look a lot like Christopher Walken?). And Billy Burke also gets a lot of lines, but... let's be honest, no-one is in this movie for the stellar acting opportunities, they are there for the slow-mo shots and fire lots of guns.

So if that's what you are looking for, go for it! But nothing special...


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