Thursday, 10 May 2012

We have the technology

Still making my way through Futurama, when they used this song. It was familiar, so I looked it up, and hey, something interesting...

Lookie! It's in colour!

Of course, this is something that Doctor Who fans would love to see. We know from some existing behind the scenes photographs, and various descriptions, that the sets and costume had lots of luscious colours, that we just don't get the slightest sense of in the black and white picture.

Some effort has gone into a colourisation, by fan BabelColour:

And we want more! Clearly, from the above, it can be done. Yes it takes a while, but it looks great. BBC, you looking for a way to wring more money out of fans who have already brought the DVDs, then again with the revisitations? You can only go so far with animating missing episodes, but think of what you can do with whole stories available again, this time in sparkly gloriousness! It's a money-spinner, you know you want to!

Colour Doctor Who... it will happen!



Jet Simian said...

You know Babelcolour's currently be-colouring Mind of Evil, don't you?

Jamas Enright said...

Er... no, if I know that, I don't know that I know that...