Friday, 11 May 2012

Not so bad

You know what we haven't gotten so far? An overabundance of people screaming about the end of the world later this year. Sure, we have some, but I was expecting it to be much worse.

In fact, take a look at the trend for 'end of the world 2012'. There was a huge spike in end of 2009, and a smaller spike last year... so the closer we are, the less people are caring? If we look at 'end of the world mayan', then we see this 2009 spike again, and activity last year. It creeped up mid 2011, moreso than end 2011. [2009 was, of course, the year of the movie... of the year.]

Far from drawing erroneous conclusions from limited data, but I think this tells us a lot. Basically we have people making hysterical statements about how everything will come to an end. But what that is making people do is look for information. And finding out that, hey, it isn't really a thing, despite what those pundits (who are probably trying to sell their latest book o' trash) are screaming about.

This is hardly original. Look up information about anything people scream about and you will find it isn't the forest fire they claim. And so, 2012 will just die away to nothingness... especially in eight months time (aside from maybe some books looking at the phenomena of the event...).

Basically... The More You Know...

(BTW, there is a reason I'm talking 2012 in this post...)


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