Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dancing with Dictators

When you are a foreigner in another land, to get by, sometimes you need to be Dancing with Dictators.

This is the story of Ross Dunkley, trying to run a paper in Myanmar. He's an Australian, so they don't really want him. The paper must undergo censorship before it publishes, which seems to involve his 51% silent local partner, so there's that problem. Then they cover the elections, which is just dubious and, well, not an actual democratic election... and then things get dangerous. The film crew are deported, two foreigners working there have 'visa problems', and Ross also has problems and is convicted of crime against a woman...

During the last half hour, I was expecting a 'and then he was killed' moment to happen any second. It just shows how much these dictatorship run countries just keep a stranglehold on everything. (It reminded me of Who Killed Chea Vichea?)

A movie to see to get an eye opening view about operating in another country.


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