Sunday, 27 May 2012

Four Horsemen

At the end of the world come the Four Horsemen.

The end in this case being the collapse of America, and possibly the global economy. Basically, we're screwed, and here's why. Empires, Banking, Terrorism, Resources. We're done! Unless we change to a completely different economic structure.

And while this movie takes a hard line with how screwed we are, it doesn't do too much with how this can be fixed. Fine, you can suggest 'let's do a new tax structure', and then wait for the revolution... but none of us are seeing this happening any time soon.

To be honest, after this, I'm basically going to live long enough to watch the world crash and burn... fun!

(In the trailer I saw, there is the line 'we were told to break any law. We have lawyers. If you break a law, then the law is wrong'. Never happens in the movie. :( )


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