Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Why are we trying to be LinkedIn?

For some reason, I decided to join LinkedIn. Possibly because I have aspirations of professionalism? Anyway, I knew a few people on there, they wanted to be in a network, and it has a reputation of decency, so...

However, the website does not live up to a professional reputation. Ironic? No, just annoying.

Let's start with how it wants to link in everything. It wants to get people from my email, so it grabs a list of people... but I've never heard of some of them before! What? And apparently it sent them all invites to join my network. What?? Some of them haven't heard of me either, so I can only imagine what annoying number of invites they get to join random people...

And it throw in a link to my Twitter account... ultimately why I would want to have a link to Twitter, I'm not sure, but it's not just adding a reference to it in my account, it's giving LinkedIn permission to actively scan my twitter feed for other people I follow/am followed by... What???

Then there's the issue of referring to school then finding out they meant University and trying to work out how to correct that. And that it, for some reason, decided to list my current employment three times. And where's a good place for achievements that aren't major honours or awards?

Seriously, why does anyone trust this site with anything? I've heard it's the in thing for work related peoples... but I'm not believing it...


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