Thursday, 17 May 2012

Old Logan Man

[Yes, I kept thinking of that old man Logan...]

I've read Kingdom Come (and have the sequel to read at some point) and was informed of a similar project for Marvel featuring Wolverine... well, Logan actually, for reasons that are part of the story. It's the future, and the heroes are gone, and the villains are in control, basically a couple major villains carving up America. Logan is trying to live a quiet life (ha!), when Hawkeye gets him involved in a delivery that involves a road trip across America, so the various parts can be shown off.

It's a decent story, told by Mark Millar, and an enjoyable read. While I'm not a Marvel fanboy, I could still enjoy it, although there may be minor points I'm not getting (it didn't seem to be written to appeal to continuity junkies, but then I wouldn't know if it was). The reason for Logan not being Wolverine is an interesting one, although you can see it coming and everyone is waiting for it...

But that reason is a key difference between Kingdom Come and Old Man Logan. In KC, there's a whole new raft of 'heroes' introduced to kick the story onwards, with Magog and so (it's been a while since I've read it). The point being: it introduces a new plot device never seen before. In OML, the key 'what if' point is... what if the villains behave competently? Indeed, in KC, we get new creations, so we wouldn't expect that to occur in normal continuity, but why couldn't OML happen? (Aside from they'd never do it because it would mean major changes and might jeapordise their profit margin...) I suspect Wolverine wouldn't be such a competent bad-ass without the plot point helping him, but still, why aren't the villains acting more competent? Why not be a credible threat, for an actual change?

Sigh. Comics. Mainstream ones particularly. Anyway, decent read, check it out, and wonder why there aren't more like this...


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